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Association of Chandlers and ship suppliers of Nigeria

Association of Chandlers and ship suppliers of Nigeria

Members & Directors

Mr. Vickson Aghanenu (President)

Board Members & Hornorable of Transport


Nigeria‘s domestic shipping potential is one that has never been in doubt. Nigeria has almost 1000km of coastline and about 10,000km of inland waterways, with thriving Petro-based Local Shipping freight needs. Ship Chandelling Services is a trade function that involves procurement, processing, packaging, preservation, maintenance and deliveries of sustenance on board vessel within the ports or in an offshore location. According to International Ship Suppliers Association ISSA and as deposited at the Hague, Netherlands.

Aims and Objectives

  • To provide a forum for the enhancement of the practice of Ship Chandling and Supplies in Nigeria.
  • To share, acquire, hold, disseminate common and particular knowledge and information relevant to Ship Chandling & Supplies, education and training, practice, procedures, ethics, regulations and other matters relating to the mutual benefit of members and the maritime industry.
  • To adopt all measures possible to prevent unhealthy competition among members.
  • To maintain liaison and foster spirit of understanding and mutual relationship with both national and international organizations of maritime industry, governments and any other organizations sharing particular or common interests and objectives with ACSSN.



It will be necessary for the body desiring to be registered to appoint one or more Trustees who shali make formal
application for a Certificate of incorporation under the Companies and Allied Matters Act Nol of 1990 Part C.

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  • General Note-Ail applications should be submitted in this office form entitled “Enclosures A-H” attached to this
    memorandum and should be accompanied by two printed copies of the applicant’s constitution and by any other
    supplementary information which the applicant may wish to submit. Appendix A must be completed.
  • The application must be accompanied by Separate Enclosures to the following effects:-
    The object of the applicant body. (the objects for which applicant
  • The object of the applicant body. (the objects for which applicant body may seek to incoporated are advancement of any Religious, Educational, Literary, Scientific Social Development, sporting or Charitable purpose and none other).
  • The rules of the applicant body, which must be dated and signed, must include provision as to the appointment and removal of trustee, the particulars of their tenure of office and methods of felling vacancies.
  • The rules of the applicant body which must includes the provision the winding up of the ASSOCIATION OF CHANDLER AND SHIP SUPPLIERS OF NIGERIA and therefor it removal from the register of TRUSTEE incorporated under the Act.
  • An easily identified description of the land held if any, and the tenure of which it is held, or a similar reference to land which the body proposes to acquire.
  • The full Names, Permanent Residence and occupation of the TRUSTEES.
  • In inverted comma, the proposed title of the applicant body in which words “REGISTERED” and “TRUSTEES” must be included. It is SUGGESTED that the title should take a form similar to the following which has been approved: THE REGISTERED TRUSTEES Of ASSOCIATION OF CHANDLERS AND SHIP SUPPLIER OF NIGERIA
  • The impression of the Common Seal
  • The regulation for the use and custody of the Common Seal.
  • A copy signed and dated by the Chairman and Secretary of the relivant minutes of the meeting where at the special clause was adopted

THE RULES AND REGULATIONS relating to the Trustees should be made to incorporate the following provisions:

  • The trustees of ASSOCIATION OF CHANDLERS AND SHIP SUPPLIERS NIGERIA For the purpose of the Companies and Allied Matters Act NO. 1 of 1990, Part C shall be appointed at a General Meeting by 2/3 majority votes of members present
  • Such Trustee (hereafter referred to as “the trustee”) shall be not less than Two (2) and not more than Ten (10) in the number and should be known as THE REGISTERED TRUSTEES OF ASSOCIATION OF CHANDLERS AND SHIP SUPPLIER OF NIGERIA
  • The trustee may hold office for life but a trustee should seas to hold office if he/she:

(i) Resigns his office


(iii) Becomes insane.

(iv) Is officially declared bankrupt.

(v) Convicted of a criminal offence involving dishonesty by a Court or Tribunal of Competent Jurisdiction

(vi) Is recommended for from office by a board Of Governors and

(vii) Members present at any General Meeting of. ASSOCIATION OF CHANDLERS AND SHIP SUPPLIERS OF NIGERIA

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